Buy art by Rob Ryan and Star Wars' Ian McCaig to raise money for refugees – or donate your own

When witnessing the current refugee crisis, it can be easy to feel insignificant and ineffectual. Art may not be one of the first solutions to spring to mind, but that's exactly the idea behind a new initiative by designer and illustrator Nina Tara. ArtWorksForAid is aiming to draw together a worldwide community of artists in a collaborative effort to raise funds for charities such as the Human Relief Foundation and Art Refuge by selling their artwork – with all proceeds going towards support and aid for refugees.

The reason ArtWorksForAid is an exciting opportunity to help those in desperate need at this time is twofold. Firstly, anyone can purchase artwork that has already been donated in a sale happening in October (keep an eye on the ArtWorksForAid blog for more information), including pieces by significant names such as papercut genius Rob Ryan and Star Wars concept artist Ian McCaig. There will be around 24 hours given to bid on each piece and when the auction draws to a close, the highest bidder will own it. A list of all of the contributers so far can be seen on their blog.

Secondly, anyone can donate their own work to be added to the pool of art being sold. You can either produce a new, one-off piece that's either A4 or 5x7 sized or donate any sized existing artwork you've already produced. Simply contact Nina at [email protected] for more information and to let her know your intentions.

This is this a powerful way for both artists and lovers of art alike to show compassion and provide practical help to others in crisis on a personal level, but there's also something significant and compelling about creative people from all over the world standing together in solidarity to bring help and hope to those who are in great need. It's an opportunity to show that art is not insignificant or frivolous – it can make a real difference.

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