Artist Jenni Sparks illustrates awful messages women have received in time for Valentine's Day

Jenni Sparks

Have you ever been sent a creepy – or just plain terrible – message from someone who's trying to hit on you?

East London-based illustrator, designer and typographer Jenni Sparks aims to turn this unfortunately common digital phenomenon into a Valentine's Day project, by offering to illustrate creepy messages that women have received from men.

Sending the call out on social media last month to an overwhelming response, Jenni has compiled some of the worst messages women have received and started to post her drawings in succession over the course of Valentine’s Day, hopefully providing a cathartic experience for the receivers of the downright awful messages.

True to her playful, comical style, Jenni's sculpted male characters with roses, chocolate and wine in hand, seemingly attempt to lighten the blow of some messages, with Jenni hoping to transform them "into beautiful illustrations just in time for Valentine’s Day". Take what you will from the project

Keep an eye on Jenni’s Twitter feed for more. Here are a few illustrations from what she's posted so far. 

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