The art world inspires action with these anti-Trump illustrations

Milton Glaser, Roz Chast, Art Spiegelman and many more are showcased in a new exhibition, just in time to coincide with the US midterm elections.

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Brandon Ortiz said: As a helicopter binary fluid gender z, i find this article way to offensive. It has the word Trump. TAKE DOWN IMMERRDIATELYYY.

Nineteen11 said: Try something original, like being PRO TRUMP. Tell me one thing he has actually done - that you can back up with evidence of FACT, that has been worthy of the unhinged hate you people pile on after listening to politicians. You know there was a day went the government was 'the man' and the art world rejected big government. Now you mindless lemmings embrace fascism. Scary.

JC Calhoun said: you are all in lockstep with the masters of the universe, aren't you? there was a day when creative types celebrated their differences with the establishment by producing out of the mainstream thought and you are the handmaidens and gigolos of nancy pelosi and charles schumer and worse...assholes that have more money than they can count but claim to be looking out for us little people..the world has changed my friends while you were kissing the democrats' ass.

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