Exhibition brings together LOLCAT art

LOLCAT – teh Exhibishun is a group art show exploring the weird and wonderful world of LOLcats. It's running currently at the Artefact Picture Framers gallery in London.

Artists showing work include Neil Ayres, Abi Daker, Sneaky Raccoon, Jimmy Turrell, 12ft6, Lizzie Mary Cullen – who attended the opening night dressed as cat – and recent Digital Arts cover artist Tobias Hall.

The show runs until February 15. 50 per cents of proceeds are going to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

We caught up with curator Jenny Theolin to find out more about the show.

Hypno Installation by Andrea Wirth

So you are curator of this exhibition?

"Yes, I am curating this exhibition through my side-venture, Soapbox & Sons. My aim is to do interesting things with interesting people and use my experience in branding, design and advertising to be an ambassador to all the amazing talent London has to offer."

Is this the first exhibition you've curated?

"This is the second large group show, and the 10th or so event I have curated and/or organised. The previous major attraction was ‘Alien Nation, The Art Of Blending In’, which took place at Great Western Studios in 2011. See some photographs here.

But also, I am a proud Senior Art Director at a London-based agency called Muirhoward.

Jasper and George by Katherine Murray Clarke

Last year I also organised a series of Tweetups events where tweeps got the chance to finally put a face to an avatar – which was great fun!"

What made you pick cats?

"They picked me. Funnily enough, I have never been a cat person, but, just as the LOLCAT phenomenon started as a bit of a joke, so did the LOLCAT exhibition. Who knew how much people adore this internet meme? The social and psychological side of this is what truly interests me, and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done before! It had to be done."

Vanish by Tobias Hall and Mike Reed

How long has it taken to accumulate so many great cat images?

"This project has been ongoing for over 6 months so far, with 45 exhibitors in total, so it’s been quite a long journey."

Do all the artists have an instant cat loving camaraderie?

"Some love cats and are inspired by their own pets, others are design and illustration professionals who love a challenge, so it’s a fantastic mix of both. Our special guest, Kate Miltner wrote her Masters Dissertation on LOLCats and she’s allergic!"

Are you exhibiting work yourself?

"Unfortunately not. However, I’m the one doing all the PR, promotion, advertising and branding campaigns for the show."

Rainbow Cat by Jimmy Turrell

How many cats does an old lady need to own  before she becomes a 'mad cat lady'?

"Just one I think. But, you probably have to be a bit mad to begin with!"

My mate told me: dogs are harder than cats – is this true?

"A cat will always win. This pic says it all, but I prefer to see them as friends." 

What three pieces of advice would you give other artist intending to organise a show?

"Be organized, make friends and ‘keep up, or it’ll pile up!’

Soon by Daniel Gray

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