Aquafadas has announces that it will soon release Comic Composer, the application used by French digital comics label and online store AveComics Productions to create its titles.

Comics produced by AveComics include Johnny Cash, a biography of Johnny Cash enriched with songs directly taken from the iPod library; Seoul District, a manwha mixing traditional drawing, video, sounds and contextual video bonuses; and Bludzee by Lewis Trondheim, based on a daily distribution model, and translated in 19 languages.

Comic Composer has been the key software used by AveComics since its launch, and now it's being opened up to a wider audience.

The software runs on Mac OS X and Windows, and can author digital comics for a variety of platforms: iPhone, iPad, Web (big screens) or other smartphones. It can to create animated paths, and a variety of pan, zoom and transitions effects -- and isolate portions of a page and create animations and transitions between them.

Comic Composer supports rectangular and polygonal cut-outs full preview of the animations being created export an animated version of a comic to facebook or a blog export in AVE format for the AveComics story -- a format with support for video, sound, and localization.

Pricing has yet to be announced.