Apple unveils multitouch £50 Magic Trackpad

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-rumoured Magic Trackpad, a £50 multitouch input device for Mac desktops. The wireless, Bluetooth-powered Trackpad behaves much like the multitouch trackpads on recent MacBook Pros, incorporating a host of swipes and gestures to better navigate your computer.

The Magic Trackpad is a single surface; the trackpad is the button - again, just like the trackpads on recent MacBook Pros. The device sits at the same level of incline as Apple's Wireless Keyboard, meaning you should be able to move your hands back and forth between the keyboard and the trackpad with ease.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Gestures include scrolling, rotating, zooming, and more with two fingers, along with three-finger swiping back and forth between Web pages, and four-finger Exposé triggers.

Apple says that the new Magic Trackpad is "nearly 80 percent larger than the built-in trackpad on the MacBook Pro," which by my math means the device will be just shy of 7.4 inches across, by 5.4 inches tall. The company suggests that you could use the Magic Trackpad as a standalone mouse replacement, or in conjunction with your existing mouse instead.

The Magic Trackpad runs on two AA batteries. Apple sells its own battery charger for £20 plus VAT, if you'd like to skew environmentally friendlier.

The Magic Trackpad costs £50 plus VAT (or $69 in the US) and is shipping now. It requires a Bluetooth-enabled Mac, Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later, and a Magic Trackpad software update.

While the device is shown on the UK Apple Store, the link to find out more is currently dead. A direct link can be found here. The device ships within 24 hours.

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