A charming animation for Mental Health Week encourages people to Talk About it

A GIF can speak a thousand words, and this little animation from designer & illustrator Dustin Dahlman catches the eye with an important message for Mental Health Month 2018.

May saw Digital Arts speak to illustrators and artists about their struggles for Mental Health Month, and an important takeaway was the importance of speaking to others instead of struggling in silence. It's in that spirit that Vault49 designer Dustin Dahlman brings us Talk About It, a colourful Instagram animation that reminds anyone out there not to keep their suffering to themselves.

“I wanted to do a post about mental health because I understand the struggles of mental illness and I also understand how serious the consequences of mental illness are if left untreated," Dustin explains about the piece, which he released at the end of Mental Health Month in order to keep the conversation going.

Knowing that a picture can speak a thousand words, Dustin went with art in order to add to the discussion with his message, and we think he's had a great go at it. We love the pop art feel and how it disassembles into its slogan like a 'Game Over' screen - Vault49 always has a good eye for designers, and Dustin is a great addition to the team.

Dustin hopes the biggest takeaway from Talk About It is a recognition that “staying silent about mental health problems only causes more problems. As a culture we need to create an environment of understanding, so people can talk about mental health issues and get the help they need.”

See more of Dustin's latest work on his Instagram, and don't forget to check out all our Mental Health Week 2018 coverage on the site

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