Adobe on Monday announced the latest versions of Photoshop Elements 9, the company's consumer-level photo editing application,  and Premiere Elements 9, its movie making app, for both Mac and Windows. For the first time, the feature-set for both Windows and Mac OS X is in essence the same.

In an exciting addition for all platforms, Photoshop Elements 9 takes the power of one of Photoshop CS5's most popular features, Content Aware Fill, and puts it into the Spot Healing Brush. This powerful new tool can be used to remove specific objects from an image by analyzing the surrounding information. Also new to this version are Layer Masks, which can be used to block out specific parts of images with varying transparency levels.

There are a number of features in this version that are new to Mac users, most notably the bundled Elements Organizer, which acts as a hub for importing, managing, and viewing photo and video files.

Users new to photo editing can use the program's guided edits to learn how to make basic or fun edits to their images, including imitating the toy camera look, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Photographers can then share their creations by posting them directly to sites like Facebook and Flickr from the organizer, or by using any of the templates included in Elements 9 to create scrapbooks, photobooks, online albums, or slideshows.

The Elements Organizer lets users sort images in a number of ways, including with automatic face recognition and keyword tags. A new auto-analyzing tag feature analyzes the content of images, such as lighting and contrast, to smartly suggest appropriate keyword tags.

New in Adobe Premier Elements 9 is a new workflow designed for working with pocket camcorders. There are six tools on offer to deal with audio as well as plenty of preset filters that can be applied to add creative effect to your video.

There's also a new smart trim feature, and full feature timeline editing. Adobe Premier Elements 9 also outputs Flash format movies with DVD-style menus.

Priced at £77 inc VAT for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 or Adobe Premier Elements 9, a combined bundle will be available for £116 from today.