Acclaimed illustrator James Jean's comic book past gets celebrated in new book

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The next book in DC's Poster Portfolio collection will feature gorgeous Neil Gaiman and Batman cover art.

Among the Watchmen sequels, R-Rated one-offs and YA novels coming out from its line, DC Comics also publishes the occasional collection of posters, narrative-free art books that have put together comic book covers from acclaimed artists like Artgerm and Jim Lee.

Joining their rank is Taiwanese-American artist James Jean, who's done luscious posters for movies like Black Swan and illustrations for Apple, Linkin Park and Time Magazine.

While the artist's work has been celebrated in galleries around the world, his time making cover art for DC and its now defunct imprint Vertigo during the early 2000s has been largely forgotten. A shame, considering his stunning output for titles like FablesBatman and Batgirl, some of which we've collected below.

Jean made covers for the Batgirl title during the years when silent warrior Cassandra Cain wore the cowl; no doubt the release is cannily tied with a young Cassandra's major role in the upcoming Harley Quinn movie, Birds of Prey.

We also expect the oversized collection to feature Jean's recent return to the DC fold with his special cover for Neil Gaiman's 2015 The Sandman: Overture series (above).

DC Poster Portfolio: James Jean will be released August 18, 2020; you can view an unfinalised cover for the book on Amazon.

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