E-on software has released an early Beta version of Vue Infinite and xStream for Mac Cocoa 64. Vue Infinite and xStream are 3D landscape creation applications aimed at CG professionals.

Vue for Cocoa 64 is a complete rebuild of Vue for the Mac that will bring native 64 bit processing to this platform.

On top of offering true 64-bit processing power to Mac users, the Cocoa 64 bit implementation of Vue will take advantage of the latest Apple hardware and operating system technologies to greatly
enhance the work experience on this platform and allow the creation of much larger and more complex scenery with faster performance throughput, according to E-on.

“Although not yet fit for production work, this early beta offers a rendering speed up to 3 times faster and provides swifter response overall”, said Nicholas Phelps, President of e-on software. “The performance gain of Vue for Cocoa 64 is simply amazing”.

The Early Beta of Vue for Mac 64 is available at no charge to all users of Vue 8 Infinite and xStream, as a direct download from their User Account page. The Early Beta of Vue xStream currently operates in standalone mode only. The 64 bit versions of the xStream integration plugins will be made available in a future revision of the application.