6 brilliant new posters of classic Disney movies by Mondo artists

No matter what your age is, there will be at least one Disney film you have grown to love and appreciate, whether it’s an old-time classic or recent. What better way to keep the nostalgia alive than through the beauty of Disney artworks. 

Prints with a fresh take on iconic Disney films - such as Aladdin and 101 Dalmatians - will be featured at Austin-based Mondo Gallery’s upcoming show in collaboration with Cyclops Print Works; a producer of limited-edition, screen-printed art pieces.

Mondo X Cyclops Print Words Present Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show will feature work by more than 25 of Mondo’s artists taking on their favourite Disney films across decades, creating new interpretations of beloved classics as well as modern narratives. Artists include Oliver Barrett, Jonathan Burton, JC Richard and Jessica Seamans.

Jonathan Burton, whose illustration based on 101 Dalmatians featured above will be in the show, explains why he chose to illustrate the film.

"I think that 101 Dalmatians is the most beautiful of the Disney films, principally as it was the first time they used the artists' original line drawings in the final cells through the process of the copy machine.

"The line work is sketchy, the colour misaligned and it makes for a style full of life. My poster pays tribute to this, and in particular the rough production drawings of Disney’s Ken Anderson who himself was inspired by Ronald Searle."

Matt Taylor's print based on Aladdin will also feature. 

"I think Aladdin is peak modern Disney, so having the chance to do my own take on it is pretty much a dream project," he says.

"I wanted to try and incorporate some classical Arabian styling and decoration into the piece, but I think the most enjoyable part was getting to draw that Genie busting out of the lamp. The first Mondo/Disney show was one of my all time favourites that they have thrown, and I’d been hoping that they’d go back to the well. I’ve got one wish granted now, better figure out what to do with the other two."

Here’s Ken Taylor's interpretation of Big Hero 6.

"Watching a Disney movie together with my kids is amazing, but making artwork for one of their favourite films takes it to the next level," says Ken.

"Big Hero 6 is my eldest daughter's favourite, and I love so much about this film. The story is super fun but its the city that gets me in; the opportunity to draw San Fransokyo has been a blast and one of the best film poster experiences I have had. Hopefully folks dig it as much as I do."

Next up: Snow White by James Flames, Lilo and Stitch by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell , and Pinocchio by Jessica Seamans.

This isn't the first time Mondo Gallery has showcased Disney artworks. Oh My Disney and Mondo Present: Nothing’s Impossible was a collaboration between the Disney blog and the gallery at the beginning of the 2014 South by Southwest Film Festival. Fans explored decades of Disney films and characters through all-new artworks.

Mondo is an online store and permanent gallery space known for creating limited-edition screen-print posters of classic and contemporary films, television shows and comic, as well as vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS re-issues, toys and apparel. Mondo works with entertainment brands such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers and filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright.

Cyclops Print Works is a branch of Collectors Editions (the publishers of Disney Fine Art), which publishes officially licensed Disney prints among others by artists with backgrounds in animation, publishing and fine art. Cyclops works alongside Collectors Editions’ in-house production arm - Eclipse Workshop - to produce the prints.

If you’re in the US, Mondo X Cyclops Print Words Present Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show will be marked with an opening night reception on April 28 followed by a Mondo Clubhouse party for kids, free and open to the public. The show will run until May 13.

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