5 stunning new animated papercut projects from Davy and Kirsten McGuire

Davy and Kristin McGuire produce wonder-inducing works – putting projection-mapped animation onto or inside papercraft or glass installations to create pieces like the Icebook – a large-scale pop-up book that came to life as animated stories were projected into it.

We've not seen anything from the husband-and-wife team for a while, but the duo have clearly been busy – and have just released a series of videos showing a wealth of work from throughout last year. And the McGuires have surpassed their earlier creations with a more intricate and innovative range of ceaselessly elegant pieces.

Paper Noir – Laundromat (above) begins the series of black paper dioramas brought to life with TV screens, all with the unmistakeable Film Noir aesthetic. Dark, sexy, and stylised, we can’t stay away (or stop being jealous of the eventual owners of these collectible artworks).


Like most statues, Pauline, the nude marble figure, is silent – until she awakens for the first time in 100 years. Through a blend of projection mapping, sound and narration, the statue shares in humours fashion its wisdom on beauty, how all must end and what she would wear if she wasn’t starkers.

The Toast of Paris

Courvoisier again invited the McGuires to work their delicate papercraft magic. The result is shaded with nostalgia but also looking hopefully towards the future (with a glass of cognac in hand, of course). 

Water Nymph

After the success of their series of holographic fairies in jam jars, water nymphs are now the trapped holographic projections (in bottles this time), with their beauty forcibly put on display. 

Precious Moments

Precious moments often sparkle with precious jewels, as the husband and wife team understand. In the lit windows of the large paper diorama Mikimoto house – named after the Japanese pearl and jewellery company who commissioned the piece – couples dance, drink and marry. The diaroma weds papercraft with video projection to let Mikimoto’s jewellery sparkle. 

The McGuires have also posted a video interview about the making of the Mikimoto house (below).

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