2-metre illustration created by robotic knitting machine for Adidas

Illustrator Damien Weighill has created a large-scale artwork that has been knitted into a two-metre tapestry to promote the Adidas Primeknit running shoe. Digital agency U-DOX has created a funny video (above) around the knitting of the piece by a robotic knitting machine that uses elements commissioned to be put into the illustration from killer robots, baby giraffes trying to stand up, a sad ant wearing a mittten and a pterodactyl shooting lasers from its eyes.

Want to know what this has to do with a running shoe with a knitted up to keep it light, let your feet breathe and reduce waste? You'll need to watch the video above. The full tapestry is below.

Damien Weighill is represented by Jelly. He also does fine things with moustaches.

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