20 things that happened on the Internet in 2012 illustrated by Niark1

See if you can spot 20 of last year's web trends in this artwork created on behalf of Syzergy.

The Syzygy Group has released its third annual 20 Things That Happened On The Internet artwork (above). This year's artwork was created by Sebastian Feraut – aka Niark1 – following previous works by Peter Jaworowski and mc bess (below)

Sebastian's illustration weaves together 20 references to events that happened on the Internet in 2012. The challenge is to guess all the 20 things.

Niark1 is a graphic designer, painter and illustrator who lives and works in Paris. Syzergy says that his distinctive style of layeing detail on detail is "what made him the perfect choice for this year’s 20 things commission."

You can download the artwork as wallpaper from 20things.syzygy.net and enter to win a signed poster of it.

The Syzergy Group is the "mother ship" for agencies Syzygy, Unique, Hi-Res! and Ars Thanea.

mc bess
Peter Jaworowski


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