14 best picture books for children

Brilliant picture books with art by famous illustrators that your children will love – and which you'll appreciate too.


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Leslie Hoff said: My son loves picture books! The better the illustrations the more immersed in the story he is :) Thanks for creating this list and I will definitely add a few of these to his TBR pile at bedtime. I wanted to recommend two FANTASTIC monster books with awesome illustrations. The author is A.J. Cosmo and he is the creative genius behind "The Monster that Ate our Keys" and "The Monster that Ate my Socks" (http://www.ajcosmo.com/). These books are not scary at all (perfect for bedtime reading) and are two very funny stories that teach life lessons and kept my son laughing throughout. I highly recommend!

Karen Mitchell said: This is interesting for me as I want to become a children's book illustrator (not just children's books) in the future. Thank you for this article.

Steval said: Jan Brett... all of hers are very good elaborate illustrations

SimonJary said: I know it's a Julia Donaldson but The Snail and the Whale is a wonderful picture book, and at least one of the Axel Scheffler books deserves a mention. If not this one, then Charlie Cook And His Favourite Book.

Simon Eccles said: Most of Hergé's Tintins. My favourites were the two moon expedition books but then I was a space-race kid. The Blue Lotus for non-astrokids.Herge's stories may be a bit dated by his attention to period detail of cars and aircraft etc, but his clear line artwork is still great to look at

Simon Eccles said: Maybe you don't want more than one of each, but Raymond Briggs' The Bear and Father Christmas are great as well as The Snowman, while kids who like gross-outs loved his Fungus the Bogeyman in the 80s and 90s.

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