There are many things I don't miss about the 80s. The clothes and hairdos are one example, 80s music is another. One thing I do miss is cassettes, and especially the awesomeness of the mixtape. Luckily, I'm not the only retro-junkie out there: MakerBot has come up with a mixtape that looks exactly like the ones we used to have, but taps into modern technology.

MakerBot is known as the maker of the Replicator, a 3D printer that can print out just about anything. In its quest to print pretty much anything, MakerBot is now offering the MakerBot Mixtape, a customized cassette-shaped music player that you can either print at home using your very own Replicator, or have MakerBot print out for you and ship to your door.

The Mixtape is one of the coolest things I've seen all week: It looks almost exactly like the mixtapes of yore, with built-in buttons for playing, pausing, and switching between tracks. Once you assemble the plastic parts, you can connect the mixtape to your computer via USB and load it with your special playlist.

Watch the video below for more info.

The mixtape comes in two colours, and is probably one of the most thoughtful and romantic gifts you can give to anyone you love. All the recipient has to do is plug headphone directly into the mixtape, and start enjoying the tracks you've chosen. Absolutely brilliant. Assuming you don't have your own Replicator, you can get the pre-printed version for $39 (£25). Not bad for the best gift you'll ever give.