Music meets AR in this app collaboration between Sigur Rós and Magic Leap

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Magic Leap steps further into the light in a collaboration with the ethereal post-rock gods.

We were all surprised when Magic Leap finally went up for pre-orders this month, and it seems in the long development time when the AR goggles were mere subjects of rumour that the Florida-based company were busy working away with one of the biggest names in alternative music.

Music-meets-AR app Tónandi is the end result of a five year collaboration with Iceland's Sigur Rós, giving users the chance to play and alter with the 'sound spirits' of the post-rock group's ethereal sounds (tónandi is the Icelandic translation of sound spirit).

With the app released at the start of August, a behind the scenes video has been released this week detailing the project, which details the desire of both parties to play with spatial audio and allow users to create music from touch.

Through Tónandi, Magic Leap users can alter pitch of notes as they float around the virtual space around them, along with turning elements of the music off and on with their hands e,g. drums, chants etc.

The end result acts as a kind of 21st century theremin of sorts, with the sounds visible in the form of some spectral-looking entities. The below shorter video gives more of a hands-on look at these forms, along with the sound and vision users can expect to generate.

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