London School of Fashion exhibition shows 3D-printed fashions

See shoes, glasses and jewellery from designers creating fashions using 3D printers &ndash and see them being created.

An exhibition at the London College of Fashion's Fashion Space Gallery from next week shows designers exploring digital print in fashion and the potential of 3D printing as a tool for design.

The organisers of the Layer by Layer show say that 3D printing is increasingly relevant to fashion and design, as seen last month when Dita von Teese made headlines sporting the world&rsquos first 3D printed dress, designed by Michael Schmidt and generated by architect Francis Bitonti.

A MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer will be running in the gallery throughout the exhibition, printing objects which will then be put on display.

Designers exhibiting objects include Naim Josef, Souzan Youssouf, Ron Arad and Daniel Widrig. The show's curated by Leanne Wierzba and Gemma Williams.

Angel pq eyewear by Ron Arad
Archway pq eyewear by Ron Arad
Highgate pq eyewear by Ron Arad
By Marla-Marchant
By Marla-Marchant
By Marla-Marchant
By HoonChung
By Liz Ciokajlo
By Naim-Josefi-and-Souzan-Youssouf. Printed by i.materialise
By Victoria Spruce
By Victoria Spruce
Jewellery Morph by Julia Gaimster and Enrique Ramos

The exhibition runs from 10 April-18 May.

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