Kovert Designs launches vibrating ring that alerts you to important emails

UK startup Kovert Designs today launched a range of wearable devices that can be programmed to alert a person if they receive a message from a particular person.

Kovert Designs CEO Kate Unsworth used the Decoded Fashion show to launch a range of luxury rings, bracelets, necklaces and various other pieces of jewellery that have technology built into them, while creative director Isabelle Lawrence pitched the business to a room full of wearable developers and investors at the new Digital Catapult Centre in London (which is on the floor above Digital Arts).

"It's designer jewellery that helps you to disconnect," said Isabelle, a recent Oxford University graduate. "The idea is you're connecting to disconnect. We want you to be involved in the real world and be able to get on with the things that matter but we don't want you to miss important emails or important messages from work or your family."

In order to set up the device, the user must open an app on their smartphone and enter their desired commands. These will inform the device when the user wants to receive a vibration, how strong they want that vibration to be and how often they want to receive it.

Don't miss that message from "Jim"

For example, Isabelle said a user may only want to be notified when "Jim" gets in touch about his "stag do" or when their boss sends an email.

"You want to know every single time that Jim emails you and you want to know when he emails you specifically with the word stag do," she said. "So you set that as a logic and it means that it vibrates say once every time Jim gets in contact.

"In addition, you're waiting on investment [for your startup] and you want to know when someone on your board gets in touch about that. They most probably will be calling you so you want to be able to say when my investor calls then I want two rings and I want to set the intensity higher because actually I really can't miss that call."

Isabelle said a command rule can be set in about the same amount of time as it takes to add a contact on an iPhone.

The devices range from around £150 - £300 already, adding that they will be retailing through Net-A-Porter as of next month.

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