Honda makes concept car models available for 3D printing

To promote prototype cars such as the Acura NSX, Honda has released STL models of them ready for output to a 3D printer.

Honda launched, a site that offers 3D-printable STL (Stereolithography) files of a handful of Honda concept cars: including an upcoming Acura NSX, and older ones like the quirky Puyo concept from 2007, and the FSR from the 90s.

You can load the model in the latest version of Photoshop CC, or free Windows 8 apps such as 3D Builder or STL Viewer. Once you have the 14-foot scale model of the NSX loaded, for instance, you can resize it at will, change the design and colours, and print it using a 3D printer.

The Acura NSX in Photoshop CC

Honda describes the site as being "just for fun" – ie to promote the company's brand by aligning it with cutting-edge creative tecnology.

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