The Ghost Box lets customers digitally customise physically objects in store

The Ghost Box began life as an interactive art installation, but now creators Leviathan want to turn it into the basis of commercial projects.

As you can see in the video above, it's a physical box shaped – perhaps on purpose – like an old arcade machine cabinet. Inside are only two projectors and the product being demoed – with a tablet sitting in the place of the joysticks and slap buttons.

The users sees product in an environment projection mapped onto it by the two projectors – and coloured and detailed by the mapping process too. Through the tablet they can rotate the product and customise it and its environments within parameters set by the project's desingers.

Leviathan showed the Ghost Box working as a car configuration system, allowing the user to choose its colour, trim and wheel packages – as well as seeing it 'driving' in a variety of locations.

The project maps were created in Maya and After Effects, with the interface and hardware interaction run through Derivative's TouchDesigner.

"When you want to prove something is possible, sometimes you simply have to build it," says Leviathan's president and executive producer Chad Hutson in the video. "A culmination of ideas once pitched to clients, such as projection mapping a moving object and integrating a Pepper's Ghost 'hologram' effect, are now reflected in a single experiment we call Ghost Box.

"Using projectors housed in a portable enclosure and providing control by a tablet or phone, our team sought to demonstrate how most any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director."

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