Formlabs's £2,200 Form 2 3D printer 'represents the next wave of 3D printing technology'

The Formlabs Form 2 3D printer offers over 40 per cent bigger build volume that its predecessor – the Form 1+ – as well as a 50 per cent more powerful laser for better print resolution. The high-resolution, desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer is now shipping for €3,299 (around £2,200).

The Form 2 has a new print process, with a sliding peel mechanism, wiper and heated resin tank that make it possible to print large, solid parts with intricate details. 

New resin cartridges will automatically refill the resin tank during the printing process and an included update to Formlabs’ PreForm software will prepare prints and simplify the printing process. 

The Form 2 offers wireless printing via Wi-Fi, creating custom notifications and mobile alerts. The new dashboard enables print progress to be monitored across multiple printers on desktop, mobile or tablet, while a full-colour touchscreen display manages print queues and allows viewing of print status.

"Through building the Form 1 and Form 1+ we’ve learned that professional engineers, designers and creators need access to powerful, easy-to use systems,” said Max Lobovsky, co-founder of Formlabs. “We believe that this is the ‘next wave’ of the 3D printing industry: high resolution output with a simple user experience packaged in a desktop footprint."

"In many ways, 3D printing technology is following a similar path to the desktop computer. It started with mainframes, was adopted by the hobbyist and then evolved into the powerful desktop machines ever."

The Form 2 is available for purchase now and includes Formlabs’ PreForm software, one litre of resin for printing and a finish kit for post-processing the parts. 

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