Create a Raspberry Pi project and have it shown in the Design Museum

The Design Museum is asking the public to enter their home-made Raspberry Pi inventions into a competition to go on display in the forthcoming Designs of the Year exhibition.

The Raspberry Pi is cheap and tiny single-board computer that's designed to to be modified, hacked and adapted. 

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As part of the Raspberry Pi display in the exhibition, the Design Museum is calling for entries of "interesting, intriguing and generally cool" creations made from Raspberry Pi. Images and films of the best entries will then go on display in the exhibition.

Like the Arduino, the £20 single-board computer was designed to make computer programming more affordable and accessible for students but its low cost, small size and low power requirements makes it a perfect starting point for many home projects.

Raspberry Pi users are asked to send pictures and films of their creations to [email protected] by 5pm on 4 March 2013.


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