Apple's Jony Ive gets Blue Peter badge, cites programme as inspiring his creativity

Apple's design guru Sir Jonathan 'Jony' Ive has been presented with what many conisider to be the highest award any UK-born citizen can receive. He has been presented with a gold Blue Peter badge.

On receiving the badge Jony says: "That's absolutely incredible, it means an awful lot, it really does. Wow".

ve will appear in the episode that will be screened on CBBC channel tomorrow at 10am. You can watch his interview here.

The BBC claims that Ive is a "life-long Blue Peter fan."

Jony is interviewed by Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood, who refers to him as Sir Jonathan Ive, only to be told, with no inkling of an American accent: "It's Jony please."

Inspired to be creative

Jony recalls episodes of Blue Peter that he watched as a child. "I loved the way that there was just products that you thought were no longer useful, but reusing them, I thought it was fantastic". 

He also reviews product designs sent to Blue Peter by viewers as part of a competition. One of the children's designs includes a wrist navigator, which may well turn into the iWatch, although Ive didn't refer to the watch aspect. 

Jony also gets to use the famous Blue Peter phrase: "Here’s one that we made earlier," as he shows a Blue Peter sign being cut from a solid piece of aluminum.

Only 1,000 gold Blue Peter badges have presented, other recipients include David Beckham, JK Rowling and The Queen, writes the BBC.

British-born Sir Jony Ive is Apple's senior vice president of hardware and software design. Like Digital Arts, he's also a supporter of the recent #includedesign campaign that helped to get Michael Gove and the Department for Education to roll back their plans to replace GCSE school qualifications with EBCs, damaging creative education.

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