55 leading designers and illustrators have designed the world's most unique deck of cards

Art by Sara Blake

Brosmind, Radim Malinic, Signalnoise and more have illustrated a new deck of Playing Arts Creative Cards that have been successfully Kickstarted in 60 minutes.

Anyone looking for a unique deck of playing cards has come to the right place, as Playing Arts have unveiled the new edition of their wildly popular Creative Cards project on Kickstarter - where's it already been successfully funded after a mere one hour.

The Creative Cards ZERO Edition comes on the tails of previous decks featuring illustrations from the likes of Joshua Davis and Antoni Tudisco, with this year's selection of 55 illustrators and designers designing one playing card each including Brosmind, James White [Signalnoise], Shotopop, Mike Harrison, Sorin Bechira, Sebastian Onufszak, Radim Malinic [Brand Nu™], Andreas Preis, Justin Maller, and Simplevector (below). Many of these names are friends of Digital Arts so click on through on their names to see tutorials they've made for us over the years.

James White aka Signalnoise takes on Fight Club

A new twist with these cards is that they also come in animated form through a mobile AR app, which'll be available in June.

Illustrations for each of the 55 poker sized cards were made specially for this deck by different international artists in their own individual style. Inside the box funders will find 54 playing cards plus an info card that features the names of all the artists involved as well as instructions on how to use the AR app.

Playing card designed by Jules

Illustrated by Matei Apostolescu (aka Beaucoupzero)

Head on over to the Kickstarter for more info and images.

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