Wolff Olins designs a fun fox character for Mozilla's Firefox OS branding

Mozilla has launched its own mobile phone OS at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) exhibition in Barcelona, which features branding designed by Wolff Olins.

Firefox OS offers interesting app creation possibilties as they're built in HTML5 code – so can draw on a wider developer pool than Apple's iOS or Google's Android.

At the heart of Firefox OS's branding is a warm, friendly looking character known simply as 'the Fox', which initially we thought looks like what you'd get if you asked Ben the Illustrator to redraw the Firefox browser logo. Later we discovered was created by Martijn Rijven.

As you'd expect though, there's a whole lot of blah blurb about the character too.

In a blog post, Moziila says that 'The Fox, like Firefox OS, is fun and friendly, supportive and protective, and fast and powerful. Blazingly fast, the Fox doesn’t play by the rules. It is everywhere you need it to be – a force for good that powers your mobile world, ignites your imagination, protects you and your identity, and supercharges your life. Lively, swift, and agile, the Fox puts freedom in your hands.'

Mozilla says the identity was created 'by New York based agency Wolff Olins', which we assume means its New York office (its London offices can almost be seen out of Digital Arts' windows, and the firm also has an office in Dubai).

Below are more shots of The Fox on Mozilla's stand at MWC.

Edit 25/3/13 16:20 Artist credit added.


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