Why this awful City of Los Angeles job ad for a graphic designer is actually brilliant

The City of Los Angeles advertised an opening for a new graphic designer role on its job-based Twitter account overnight, and it’s already received quite a response.

A link to the job specs was tweeted with this tongue-in-cheek image.

Using elements that will infuriate designers, or anyone with a creative thread, the image pulled the right strings. Was this created by a five-year-old? Or another fellow designer who knows how to get a response?

You could argue that everything about the image is a perfectly calculated eyesore – the child-like hand lettering, use of notorious font Comic Sans (wince) and the intriguing array of multi-coloured boxes on the left-hand corner.

After receiving more than 9,000 likes (at the time of writing) and 4,500 retweets, it’s probably safe to say the job advertisement achieved what it wanted.

Some of the comments are brutal, but even better, the City of Los Angeles Jobs account took the time to reply.

"It was an amusing ad until I saw the Comic Sans, too far," software developer Andrew Braid commented, to which the person behind the CityLosAngeles-Jobs account replied, "Just be happy I didn’t use papyrus," to the delight of 600 others – including graphic and industrial designer Naomi Maria, who simply added, "Such sass."

One Twitter user weighed in with a 'resume' true to the spirit of the advertisement; an array of squiggles, a pre-school style sun and an equally infant byline to finish.

Take a look at some of the other responses, including this classic Doge meme (when will those ever get old).

The graphic designer role would include creating posters, pamphlets, covers, signs, exhibits and translating statistical data full-time for the City of Los Angeles across all departments, with a salary ranging from US$46,708 to $103,230 annually. Minimum requirements include a previous two years of full-time, paid experience, or a bachelor's degree in art, graphic design or computer graphics.

If you're interested in the job, you can find out more and apply here before January 25.

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