What is a graphic designer? See if you fit YouGov's profile

Polling organisation YouGov has created an infographic-based site that reveals demographic information about everything from people who like politics to Jaffa Cakes.

The YouGov Profiler features personas created to show what an average Jaffa Cake fan – or Apple fan – would be like. I, of course, wanted to find out what Digital Arts readers would be like, so went in search of artists and designers.

The Profilers says that an average graphic designer (above) is female, 18-24, left-wing, poor and lives in London. She's imagintive, sometimes depressed, drives a Fiat (gotta be a 500) and also owns a cat.

More surprisingly, her favourite sport is basketball and she loves the music of Iron Maiden vocalist and airline pilot Bruce Dickinson. Though from a sample size of a mere 372 people, you're gonna get a few curveballs.

If you're a graphic designer, does this accurately describe you? Let us know in the comments below.

Other creative professions are harder to find info about – as what info YouGov's presenting is based on what they were commissioned to ask questions about. Illustration's not mentioned, and art throws up a profile of your average art fan (female, 60+). Web/interactive design, video post-production, VFX artists, animators and the like don't get a look in. Advertising's lumped in with marketing and PR (below) – which will please no-one.

While I wouldn't put much stead in what YouGov's trying to say about people in the creative industries from these graphics, they're nicely presented and a fun timewaster. Now, where did I leave my basketball?

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