Wes Anderson meets How It's Made? We'd watch that, Netflix

One of our favourite design podcasts around has to be 99% Invisible, in which Roman Mars covers topics including infrastructure, technology and a bit of history to keep your mind ticking.

It's a great look at the craft behind all things art and design, and we think Mr. Mars has another winner on his hands with a proposed TV idea he describes as 'Wes Anderson’s How It’s Made.'

Well, had on his hands is the best way to put it, as Netflix rejected his idea for a show of "deep dive facts over well shot, extremely satisfying clips", as he revealed in a viral Tweet this weekend.

The context for the tweet was this widely shared video of a road marker specialist crafting a bicycle symbol through a freehand yet inhumanly precise method. Watch the extremely satisfying clip below, courtesy of a more 'conventional' kind of artist, Lee Madgwick.

Wouldn't you kill for drawing skills like those? We'd also kill for a show full of clips in this vein, as narrated by the ever-inquisitive and informed Mr. Mars.

Alas, the pitch for a show on the beauty of process was met with disinterest from Netflix producers. But as this was circa five years ago, maybe it's time for Roman to re-pitch it, especially off the back of his own tweet going as viral as the clip itself.

Whether the show happens or not, we can still enjoy this recent episode of the long-running 99% Invisible that's all about the beauty of everyday things.

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