Visual trends 2015: double-exposure photos, low-poly images and zentangles

Shutterstock's Gerd Mittmann discusses the findings of its Creative Trends 2015 report, which analysed searches on the stock media company's site.


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PVBroadz said: So you think digital is a con? Well your completely wrong. Your probably one of those people doesnt feel comfortable in a digital environment so you feel the need to dismiss it. Artists are always looking for better/easier ways to express themselves... Would you of dismiss paint when it was first available in tubes?

Karen Mitchell said: If Daniel feels that way inclined, then so be it. He's allowed to. However, if I had lets say a new trend, I wouldn't want it out there for others to copy. If your work isn't authentic, or not a new trend, then i don't see the sense in not sharing it. Everyone to their own

JL Romero said: Can´t hear some questions in the video... Someone really should normalize that sound edit :p

PVBroadz said: Its a shame that you feel that way. Sharing your work inspires others and in return seeing other peoples work is inspiring. If everyone was like you, where would we be? Maybe you should think about what you said.

Daniel Conder said: I don't put my work online for people to take. I use Photoshop and Illustrator and work on print and corporate identities primarily. I don't have that 'urge' to share everything I do with the world, just the clients that matter.

PVBroadz said: Thanks so much ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

harago said: just had a look - some lovely work!

Alessandro Quartz said: RE the vintage/retro trend. We are embracing vintage and nostalgia more than ever because digital is a con, an easy way to do things and thus losing its authenticity. Its why the hipster aesthetic is everywhere and doesn't look like going away, people want to be reminded that there was a world pre digital.

PVBroadz said: I like cookies, if you`ve got one spare would go nice with my coffee. Have you got any links to your work? What software did you use?

Daniel Conder said: I've been making them since I used to use a 486 Compaq computer. Want a cookie?

PVBroadz said: I`ve been creating low poly images on my iPad since 2010... said: i think low poly images are from 2104 :/

In my opinion said: This isn't a 2015 thing, it's been trending since at least 2012...

Dex said: God damn hipsters

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