Twitch rebrand pays tribute to classic game heroes; doubles down on the retro

Pika Pika yellow and Princess Peach pink are all yours in Twitch's brand new look – but the purple stays.

Twitch just got a rebrand, in what's the major streaming and game platform's first big redesign since launching in 2011.

With its internal design team at the helm, the website retains its signature purple and Glitch mascot, but with a rollout of a new colour palette, wordmark and even a signature typeface.

Colour with character

Over two dozen new colours are included in the new Twitch brand guidelines, all nicknamed after iconic games and pop culture characters with names like Sonic, Peach and Pika Pika.

The Twitch purple (aka Hex #9146ff) stays the same major colours, with the other shades designed for peripheral ads and app purposes.


Creators will also be given a Creator Color tool that lets them set a specific colour to express themselves and their channel.

Glitch goes 8-bit

The beloved Twitch icon of Glitch has been given a blockier look, with the same chunk added to the Twitch wordmark, as inspired by an arcade gaming aesthetic.

Twitch Type

In another first, Twitch now has a strong typographic identity.

Roobert, as the new font is called, is modeled off the retro Moog synthesizer logotype, and appears to be named after a World of Warcraft character.

"While we love the font in its original form, we made some modifications and customisations to ensure it was equally strong across marketing and product design," the Twitch team say in their press release.

"When you see Roobert in motion, how it moves should look familiar — a lot like Twitch chat, in fact."

Speaking of chat, the Twitch emoji lines of Emotes goes unchanged.

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