This Documentary charts the use of Colour in Design with Kidrobot, Pantone, Nike, academics and more

In the film above, leading designers of all stripes discuss their approach to colour.

Interviewees taking part that will be best known to Digital Arts readers include Frank Kozi, creative director of toy brand Kidrobot, and Pantone Color Institute VP Laurie Pressman.

It's important for designers and artists to take inspiration from fields outside of their own - so it's great to hear the thoughts of Laura Guido-Clark, creative director of materials at chair designers Herman Miller, and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann from nail varnish brand OPI.

Academic research also underpins our understanding of colour, so you'll learn from Dr Karen B Schloss and Ann Stone, a lecturer, University of British Columbia.

Also taking part include Adam Brumberg from Cornell Food and Brand Lab; Two-Star Michelin Shaun Hergatt; Dave Schenone, a former equipment innovation director at Nike; Dr Donald McPherson from EnChroma, which makes colour-blindness-correcting glasses; and Lana Sutherland from tea brand Tealeaves.

The film was created as part of a marketing effort by Tealeaves and Pantone, but don't let that put you off. There's some very useful insight here.

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