These ads make you think of McDonald's with just 5 words and 5 colours

Leo Burnett's campaign doesn't feature the 'Golden Arches' or even the word McDonald's – but you instantly know who it's for.

The latest billboard campaign for McDonald's is as stripped back as it gets. There are no images of burgers, customers, restaurants or glowing warm logos in the rain – just a few words on a plain background.

Each of the three out-of-home ads features only a stacked list of the makeup of one of McDonald's iconic offerings: the Big Mac, McMuffin and Filet-O-Fish.

The messaging is equally simple. It isn't introducing 'healthy' options, a new burger, offer or competition – or putting the idea of McDonalds as comfort food in your mind. It's just designed to catch your eye, bring a moment of delight at the recognition of what you're seeing and make you think of picking up a McDonalds on the way home or stopping during a long journey.

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett under creative director Pete Heyes, with typography by David Schwen

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