Stunning paper dresses take to the catwalk for Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

Photos: AD Communications/Antalis UK

Gorgeous dresses made entirely from paper stole the spotlight at Buckingham Palace's Coronation Festival catwalk this weekend.

British designer Joey Bevan was tasked with the challenge of creating outfits out of products supplied by exhibitors at the Coronation Festival - in this case, paper merchant Talk Paper's Conqueror range.

Models at the Coronation Festival took to the catwalk to demonstrate the dresses, which were made by Joey Bevan from Conqueror paper

Joey used the paper to create intricate origami roses that became the focus of the dresses and headwear.

The dresses were made from Talk Paper's Conqueror Golden Haze Pearlescent paper. Talk Paper is the only paper merchant to supply paper products to Buckingham Palace.


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