Rounded corners

Creating rounded corners on images in InDesign CS4 or earlier is notoriously fiddly, especially if you want to add curves to not all of the corners. It’s much simpler in InDesign CS5.

Step 1
Select an image box and click on the yellow box on the upper right side to begin editing the corners. Click on the yellow diamonds on any corner and drag to adjust the size of the rounded corners.

Step 2
Holding Shift while dragging adjusts only the corner selected. Holding Option/Alt changes the corner style, with options from the bad (Inverse Rounded) to the hideous (Fancy). Please don’t do this.

Other highlights

  • New layout tools including the Content Grabber, and quick frame rotation and image grid creation.
  • Multiple page sizes in one document.
  • Photoshop-style Layers panel.
  • Export EPub interactive books for readers such as the iPad.
  • Improved interactive tools.

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