While Adobe has continued to pump InDesign CS5 full of interactive tools that few users will actually use, there's also many new layout tools that designers will use everyday to create pages faster and easier. We've detailed two below, the Gap tool and Rounded Corners.

The Gap tool

InDesign CS5 promises to make laying out pages faster. It does this through a wealth of what seem like fairly small additions which, when combined, will make your life easier. The new Gap tool allows you to quickly adjust the gap between image boxes.

Step 1
Select the Gap tool and hover your cursor over the space between two boxes. A double-ended arrow will appear, showing you which boxes and gap will be modified.

Step 2
Click and drag the gap to adjust its position. Note that this affects both the text and image boxes to the right. Holding Cmd/Ctrl as you drag adjusts the size of the gap. Holding Shift and dragging affects only the boxes next to the cursor. Holding Opt/Alt and dragging moves all items around the gap.