Belio is a new magazine from Pablo and Javier IA designed to "shake consciences and to invite the readers to be part of an artistic act of protest."

The mixed Spanish- and English-language magazine, which has been created in separate print and digital edition, inspired by John Carpenter's satirical sci-fi movie They Live, where a hidden world of subliminal advertising designed to keep society passive and consuming is revealed when the film's hero puts on some special glasses.

Pablo and Javier say that you won't need those glasses to read the print version of Bello (which is subtitled They Live), but it does come with a set of anaglyphic 3D glasses to reveal the hidden meanings in the We Rise digital edition -- which can be downloaded from the Bello website. Both the print magazine and the glasses are housed in a screenprinted PVC bag. Only 1,000 copies have been created.

Here are some pics of the mag.


They Live

We Rise

Belio aims to be more than a magazine, but instead a drivinig force for artistic and global protest linked to campaigns centred around the #Spanishrevolution, #Takethesquare and #15M hashtags on Twitter. The creators consider reading it in public to be an act of protest, and are invite readers to submit photos of themselves or others reading it to its website.