SomeOne creates a colour collision for WorldPay Zinc branding

High-speed photography of paint pigments colliding represent a buyer and seller coming together for a transaction.

London-based agency SomeOne has created the identity for WorldPay Zinc, a new service and device that allows small businesses to accept Chip & Pin card payments.

SomeOne was appointed to create both the name and visual brand identity which centres around representing the high speed digital payments — represented by high speed photography capturing the moment when two elements meet.

‘WorldPay Zinc provides a smart new way for people to take payments anywhere," explains designer Mark Smith. "We took the idea of buyer and seller coming together to create a rapid transaction. With this product the magic happens when transactions occur – buyer and seller – two colours coming together.

"The frozen shots are a rapid unseen moment in time, just like the millions of payments WorldPay process daily. The perfect metaphor for the new service."

The photography was captured by photographer Simon Warren using a high-speed camera of two paint pigments fired at each other.

"This new branding brings charm to the category of payments," says SomeOne Founder, Simon Manchipp. "WorldPay Zinc has taken a smart move to be far more visually entertaining to better connect with a wider audience."

SomeOne says it will continue to work with WorldPay Zinc as the brand roll-out continues. The devices will initially be available to buy in John Lewis, with other retailers to follow.

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