SomeOne brands Tesco's Hudl tablet

Tesco's entry into the tablet market with the Hudl could have been a budget device, derided as a Tesco Value iPad (or Kindle, if you like). But as our sister site PC Advisor's Hudl hands-on shows, the £119 (or £60 of Clubcard Points) tablet is a worthy rival to Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire. The branding – created by London-based SomeOne – doesn't play on the price either, but positions the Hudl as a fun, simple, family device.

Someone has used a solar system metaphor for the identity that it says reflects Hudl being at the centre of a digital orbit, and of family life.   

"Hudl was conceived to co-ordinate every aspect of family life and allow these aspects to work seamlessly, in harmony with each other”, says Karl Randall, design director at SomeOne.

The packaging for the Tesco Hudl

“We wanted to inject warmth into a category that can often be overly technical," says partner and creative director, Laura Hussey. "A growing body of research suggests that the way to influence – and to be a great leader – is by demonstrating warmth. Our swooping, curving shapes, warm colours and customised options help to soften what can often be stark and technologically-led communications”.

The Hudl logo and marketing materials

SomeOne created the Hudl name, as well as the visual brand identity, iconography, packaging, promotional elements, animation and accessories – as well as the point of sale displays in store.

The iconography created by SomeOne for the Hudl


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