Quark finally releases QuarkXPress 10

QuarkXpress 10's Xenon engine allows better display of images with less impact on your computer's performance, Quark says. The above image, supplied by the company, gives an idea of the kind of improvement Quark says users can expect in QuarkXpress 10 (right) over QuarkXPress 9 (left).

Quark released the full details of QuarkXPress 10 back in July with a view to release the software in August, but has now finally made the new version of its graphic design and page layout software available to buy. QuarkXPress 10 includes Retina display support, Quark's new Xenon Graphics Engine and more than 50 other new features.

With QuarkXPress 10, Quark has migrated the Mac version of software to Apple's Cocoa programming language. This means that QuarkXPress 10 should have better performance, and be able to leverage the latest OS X features including the MacBook Pro's Retina display. It should also be able to support OS X updates as they arrive.

Vector rendering should include much finer detail without impeding performance says Quark, allowing more accurate represention in QuarkXpress 10 (right) over QuarkXpress 9 (left).

Quark's new Xenon Graphics Engine has been implemented in QuarkXPress 10, allowing better rendering of both vector files (above) and bitmaps including PDFs, Photoshop PSDs and TIFFs, with an Adaptive Resolution feature to display the best possible onscreen resolution without compromising performance.

QuarkXPress 10 has a new look too, with palette enhancements, the ability to be used in full screen mode, new navigation elements and a measurements palette.

There's now a QR code create within QuarkXPress 10, and every edition of the software supports East Asian typography too.

When it comes to workflow improvements, Quark has added the ability to import pictures and hyperlinks from Microsoft Word, a new PDF Pass-Through Transparency feature, layers enhancements, a print preview, the option to highlight missing fonts, tool enhancements and more. For the full list of enhancements, click here.

QuarkXPress 10 is available for £799 (excluding VAT) for the full version, or £299 for those who already own QuarkXPress 8 or QuarkXPress 9. You can buy yours here. It's be a perpetual licence with no subscription necessary, and supports OS X Lion 10.7 or later, and will support OS X Mavericks when it is launched by Apple later this year. It also supports Windows 7 or later.

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