London-based agency Purpose has rebranded the Market Research Society (MRS) using infographics that will be generated dynamically from live data – graphics which, when used on digital platforms, will change and animate to reflect movements in the underlying data.

Purpose is still working on creating the applications that drive the infographics from live feeds, and this will be rolled out in the 'second phase' of the rebranding. The first set of graphics use static or set animations based on real data.

The rebrand aims to provide 'an engaging, interactive platform from which the MRS can drive standards, share intelligence, encourage debate, provide training and motivate through its dedicated awards scheme.'

The strapline ‘Evidence Matters’ is based on the concept that the organisation's members provide the evidence that allows clients to make important business decisions. The logo is an roundel that represents MRS in a pivotal position, with evidence (data) radiating from it – while the use of infographics both static and animated is based on increasing usage of this form of presenting data by members.

"Working with the MRS marketing team, we identified that at the centre of every piece of research is a dynamic interaction and data," says Stuart Youngs, creative director at Purpose. "We have harnessed the very latest digital technology to embed this quality of interactivity into the brand identity. In this way, the brand attracts attention, engages its audiences and epitomises the value of research as a catalyst for meaningful change."