Praline gives London-wide mental health festival a positive message through branding

A bright and positive response to the most common sign of mental distress.

Praline has designed the branding for the Mental Health Foundation's Anxiety 2014 festival, a London-wide arts and mental health event launching next year.

The orgianisers say that Anxiety 2014 will encompass visual art, film, performance, music, dance, theatre and talks, and span venues and spaces across the city, from grass-roots community centres to London’s leading cultural and academic organisations.

The branding is based around a series of bold coloured bars that spell out the letters of the word 'anxiety' in animation and in separate branding designs.

The branding aims to reflect both the complexity and prevalence of anxiety – which organisers say is the most common sign of mental distress in nearly every country. They say it also reflects the productive and creative force of the condition, as well as the often paralysing effect it can have.

“With the name of the festival being so charged with meaning, the identity design had to be bright and positive," says David Tanguy, creative director at Praline. “The main logo and the variations are the result of exploding the letters and reconstructing them. The aim was to convey the tension and distorted reality which the state of Anxiety can lead to.”

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