Pepsi unveils a love-fuelled rebrand for 2019

The soft drink giant has rebranded its cans for 2019 - why? 'For the love of it,' apparently.

All you need is love - McDonald's realised this when they went with the famous "I'm lovin' it" as a slogan back when Timberlake was a youth, and now Pepsi has jumped onboard the love boat with a brand new tag line for 2019.

For the love of it is the soft drink brand's new battle cry, and their cans now come with heart shapes and the blue, red and white logo putting the 'O' in everyone's favourite four-letter word (no, the other one). The rebrand comes at a good time, and has more visual flair than Coca Cola's 'all red' redesign from last year.

Interestingly Pepsi Black is also getting a little Love on its packaging, whilst remaining the same colour. Not making the Black all blue keeps the Pepsi brands as separate as ever, but as markets around the world turn towards health rather than hedonism this may turn out to be a shortsighted move.

What with Coke's quiet camouflaging of the all-black Zero to mirror the all-red classic can, the inevitable dropping of the full-fat versions will be less noticeable in their case compared to Pepsi once sugar is given the final boot by the soft drink industry. 

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