Make it Soho: Piccadilly Circus rebrands as PICARDilly Space Station

Set phasers to pun.

We'd usually advise avoiding London's Piccadilly Circus tube station, heaving as it is, but there's a cool reason to swing by this week if you're in town.

In anticipation of Picard, the latest addition to the Star Trek universe, Amazon Prime Video have rebranded the station as Picardilly Circus, setting their phasers to pun by modifying all signs at platform level.

Hastings-based Links Signs worked with Transport for London on adding the iconic Star Trek logo over platform roundels to emphasise the pun, replacing the letter 'a' also in signage running atop the walls. This is the second time the two parties have joined forces, with Links being behind last year's jungle makeover of Westminster Station.

It's a clever marketing move that makes canny use of graphic design, and makes us actually want to visit Piccadilly Circus (or Picardilly Space Station, as it'll be temporarily known for the week.)

Picard is showing on Amazon Prime Video from January 24th.

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