London Pride 2016: LGBT+ symbols replace green man on traffic lights

Over 50 traffic lights will be revamped to give the traditional ‘green man’ a boyfriend - and the more untraditional ‘green woman’ a girlfriend - to support London Pride this weekend.

As well as same-sex couples, the seven symbols include a straight pair. Each couple hold hands to form a heart between them. Other lights show gender symbols, including a widely recognised trans symbol. 

Transport for London (TfL) – who designed the symbols in-house – were inspired by a similar project in Vienna last year, and continue the inspiring simplicity of the original ‘green man’ design. 

“One of the greatest things about this city is our differences and every Londoner should be proud of who they are. I am very proud of our LGBT+ community here,” said Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The initiative comes at a particularly poignant time after the Orlando nightclub shooting earlier this month.

“Our thoughts and prayers are of course still with the families and friends of the victims of the hideous recent attack in Orlando,” said the Mayor. “These new signals show that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them and display the tolerance and celebration of difference in our city.”

Simple, small changes to everyday life can give inclusivity a surprisingly large boost. Trafalgar Square will – at least temporarily, but hopefully permanently – show off a more modern, more representative and friendlier outlook.

"It's fantastic that London is a city so keen to celebrate Pride that even traffic lights can be used,” said Alison Camps, Director at Pride in London. “This small symbol is a big gesture from the Mayor of London and TFL, and we're delighted to have their support.” 

Just remember to not get too distracted by the shining love lights and actually cross the road. 

London’s Pride Festival takes place from June 10 to 26, including a (brilliant) parade on June 25.

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