Lego tube maps appear in London stations

Photos: Dominik Tomaszewski

Lego and London Underground have teamed up to celebrate the latter's 150th anniversary with five Tube maps created out of the iconic bricks (plus some custom labels).

The maps can been seen on the walls of five London stations: Green Park, Kings Cross St Pancras, Picadilly, South Kensington and Stratford.

While they're undeniably fun and we love to see things of this scale recreated in Lego, they're of less practical use than the real thing. We popped over to Kings Cross Station from DA Towers to get the photos you see here, and in the few moments we were there, tourists and travellers attempted to use the map to navigate their way across London and soon wandered off in search of a real map looking confused. Others were more impressed, and joined us in snapping photos of the map.

If you want to check this one out for yourself, it's in the Underground Hall at the back of the King's Cross part of the station, next to where it connects via a tunnel to the back of St Pancras (we mention this as it took us a good 10 minutes to find it ourselves.

The five maps will stay up over the summer, before being moved to the London Transport Museum.

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