iStockphoto gets new logo and name

The stock media library is rebranding as iStock by Getty Images, with a new logo designed by Build.

iStockphoto has rebranded itself as iStock by Getty Images. The name change is designed to reflect that iStock sells more than photos – there's video, audio and graphics too – by also attempts to make the brand more high-end by association with Getty Images.

Getty Images is iStock's parent company and sells a mixture of royalty-free and rights-managed photos, but as a brand is most associated with its very-high-quality rights-managed photography.

The push to make iStock appear to offer a more premium service is likely a reaction to the emergence over the past few years to microstock sites that offer reasonable quality stock photography for a lower price – a value proposition that iStock built its business on a decade ago, but which has been superceded in its turn by cheaper, lower-quality services such as Getty's own Thinkstock.

The new logo – as well as the look and feel of the campaign that iStock's launching to support it – was created by London-based Build, which recently rebranded London-based Steel and Seattle-based Graphiti Associates worked on the creative for a digital campaign to announce the rebrand.

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