How to edit a master page in InDesign

When using Adobe's InDesign, you may find yourself needing to edit a master page. Here, we show you how.

A master page can be used to quickly apply items such as page numbers, logos, headers or footers to multiple pages in your InDesign document. If you make changes to an item on a master page, that change will be automatically applied to all of the associated pages.

In order to make changes to master page items, you'll need to go to the Pages panel. If you can't see the Pages window, go to Window > Pages (above).

From there, you can access the master pages by double clicking on them (below).

Alternatively, you can access master pages by selecting them from the text box list at the bottom of the window (below).

Now, you can edit the items shown on the master page just as you would edit any item in the InDesign document.

You can also override the master page to get access to the items associated with it from within the document page. To do this, go to the Pages panel and right click on the page you wish to edit. Then, choose 'Override All Master Page Items' (below). Overriding master page items means that the item won't update if you make changes to the master page, though.  

To reapply the master items so that they will automatically update if you make changes to the master page, go to the Pages panel and select the spread you want to reapply the master to. Now, go to the Pages panel menu, choose Master Pages and then click Remove All Local Overrides (below).

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