Hat-Trick creates London 2012 Olympics stamps for Royal Mail

The Olympics truly kickstart today with the opening ceremony in London. To commemorate the event, Hat-trick Design have created a set of stamps for Royal Mail. The stamps feature iconic London landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tate Modern gallery, partnered with Olympic sports like fencing and diving, to celebrate the union of both this summer.

The ever eloquent London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has produced yet another unforgettable quote expressing his whole-hearted approval of the designs, saying: ‘Even fleet-footed Hermes himself would hang up his winged sandals and send his letters through Royal Mail if he saw the quality of these beautiful Olympics-themed stamps.’

The stamps are modern and colourful, and certainly pleasing to the eye, but Boris might have gotten a little overexcited, which is nothing new. Everything this week will undoubtedly be Olympic themed but a comforting thought is that at least the majority of the design work (including these stamps) is better than the mascots.

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