Generate your own Penguin Classics book cover for a laugh

Oxford World Classics option also available for the pretentious.

You've read all your books in lockdown. You've read everything on the internet. What next?

The answer, my friend, is making mock-ups of your very own Penguin Classics paperback. The epitome of classy book cover design, a Penguin Classic is recognised around the world, and now's your chance to brand the book of your wildest dreams, or one you have hidden in the drawer somewhere, unread and unloved.

This tool houses the Penguin Cover Generator, and making your own literary masterpiece is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Upload a pic, fiddle with the height and width, and you're done. There's also an Oxford World Classics Option if you're feeling extra pretentious.

Here's one we made earlier for a genuine book by Digital Arts writer Giacomo Lee, his 2015 K-pop meets Kafka novel Funereal.

Geez, talk about pretentious.

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